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Hi, I’m Sydney Brown, a graphic designer based in Illinois. My work is characterized by designs that radiate authenticity, warmth, and boundless imagination. I enjoy designing various types of projects and I would consider myself to be a generalist.
Dedicated to crafting designs that not only inspire but also function seamlessly, my work is a captivating blend of cleanliness and playfulness, all infused with a touch of childlike wonder. I believe in the power of design to evoke compassion, drive meaningful change, and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us all.
Outside the world of design, my interests are as diverse as my talents. I would categorize myself as a serial hobbyist. I might be found doing any of the following: drawing, painting, crocheting, embroidering, out in the sun kayaking, biking, diving into a new book, or embarking on a new binge-watching adventure… should I go on? I'm a movie aficionado, often dissecting the plots with my family, and not to forget my adorable cat and sidekick, Bert, who I occasionally pester for company. Although I love all of those things, nothing is quite like soaking up the sun outdoors with my boyfriend and son as we adventure life together.
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Champaign, IL​​​​​​​
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