Undertaking the Olympics was no small feat, with numerous moving parts to craft a memorable and fitting visual identity. To start the process, I conducted research on Los Angeles and its population, discovering the city's rich cultural and racial diversity. With approximately 140 countries represented and around 86 languages spoken, L.A. is a true melting pot.
Inspired by Hollywood, the star quality of the Olympic athletes, and the logo from L.A.'84 I crafted my logo depicting the year 2028 in the form of a colorful star. I also choose to make the “o” in Los Angeles a sun to incorporate the vibrant nature of L.A. and its population.
My brand embodies vibrancy, diversity, and innovation, representing the vase array of individuals, creativity, and support of art found within this dynamic city. Bright, cheery colors helped to convey the fun nature of the city and the tile pattern I chose to repeat throughout the brand material pays homage to the large hispanic community living in L.A. 

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