Letterform exploration
A poster designed in my typographic practice course during my junior year in college, investigating the construction of letters and the point at which various letterforms become unrecognizable. I utilized a grid composed of small squares as masks, each character interacted with the grid to reveal or conceal specific portions.
The poster adopted a thematic focus on balance, exploring the concept of holding two truths simultaneously. The motto, “Two things can be true at once”, subtly integrated in gray amid the characters, conveys this theme. Each letter is deliberately arranged in a scattered fashion, symbolizing the unstructured truth of "balance," where beauty emerges within the chaos despite limited control and structure.​​​​​​​
"Balance" was created in conjunction with the letterform exploration, delving into the theme of balance in life and the coexistence of multiple truths. The artwork portrays a delicate balance, symbolized by a glass poised on the edge of a table. The imagery reflects the search for stability amidst the emotional landscape of daily life. Accompanying the piece is a poem, offering viewers insight into the emotions I experienced during its creation and providing comfort to those who might also be feeling the same way.
All Dogs Go to Heaven
I crafted a GIF of a dog drive-in movie through the composition of photos in Photoshop, meeting the creative brief's requirement for an image detached from reality. Throughout the project, I developed proficiency in Adobe software, and mastered skills such as photo manipulation, exposure adjustments, masks, selection tools, levels, curves, and more during my tenure at John A. Logan College. It was important to me to incorporate a personal touch by capturing and integrating a photo of my car and family dogs into the foreground of the composition.
My first ever digital self-portrait was painted using Adobe Photoshop, drawing inspiration from Parmigianino's "Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror," an Italian late Renaissance masterpiece. I referenced this famous work to offer a unique perspective on self-portraiture. The use of blues, pinks, and purple hues acts as a nod to the Mannerism style of the 1500s seen in works such as The Entombment, and The Madonna with the Long Neck.
Helping Hand
This digital painting was created using Procreate for the iPad. I wanted the foundation of the piece to be built around motivational words. The quote repeated in the background was spoken into existence by motivational speaker Wayne Dyer: he said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 
The concept of the piece revolves around the notion that help is always available, symbolized by an extended "helping hand". By altering one's perspective on challenging situations, the artwork conveys the transformative power of perception in influencing and improving circumstances.

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