I worked at software company, Zywave, creating engaging social graphics, dynamic comparison charts, comprehensive infographics, and delivering unique design perspectives to the marketing team. During this time I utilized a keen understanding of the brand’s aesthetics and market trends to enhance the company’s visual presence.
LinkedIn Graphics
Creating Zywave's social graphics involved seamlessly blending corporate professionalism with creative innovation. Ensuring a cohesive aesthetic across all posts, I incorporated a diverse range of elements from the brand's visual identity for variety within the LinkedIn profile. By employing photos I created for a more direct connection to the message, and vector graphics to maintain an element of ambiguity and imagination.
At Zywave, I developed numerous digital advertisements, tailoring them to various sizes for diverse online platforms and marketing environments. Prioritizing simplicity and readability, I opted for minimal graphics and employed strategic typesetting.
Infographics and comparison charts
Info sheets presented a unique set of challenges. I had to organize information innovative to stay within the constraints of a single sheet or minimal pages. Utilizing Zywave's "Deep Sea Blue" as an accent against a white backdrop, and incorporating the primary color palette to emphasize crucial details like subheaders and block quotes, became a staple in my infographic designs.
Microsoft Teams Backgrounds
This was a special project at Zywave as we approached the end of the year and the holiday season. Tasked with designing backgrounds for the company's Microsoft Teams account, I crafted three corporate layouts featuring Zywave imagery and two seasonal options set in fall and winter, aimed at instilling holiday cheer among the company's employees.

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